Sunday, March 22, 2009

Royal Holiday makes an appearance.

Don't be shocked but Royal Holiday has made an appearance. I am trying to work a bit of a rotation and it seems to be helping. Monday's is my day to stitch on Royal Holiday. We will see how long this routine lasts. LOL
Here she is in all her glory and pink thread!!! I am not a fan of pinks so I will have to see how her skirt plays out as I stitch it.


  1. I hope your rotation works out for you Kathy :) You are making some good progress. I'm afraid I haven't picked my Mira's up for a while now I really should get back to them but I have so many wip's that are screaming at me lol!

  2. OOOOO she is looking good. I'm glad to see her.
    Does it have a lot of pink? I thought the colour was primarily Red???
    good luck with the rotation!