Monday, May 31, 2010

Introducing myself

Hi everyone

I'm Karen from Little Cat Blogs and I've just joined this blog.  Thank you for the invite Kathy.  I've been visiting you all for a while and drooling over your gorgeous projects.

I am a single mum to Riley who is three years old and I work three days a week.  I had a big stitching slump in 2008 and 2009, but I'm out of that now and I stitch when I can fit it in - usually at weekend when I have more time as week days are hectic.

I have just finished my first Mirabilia - Magnolia.

She was stitched on Sparklies 'Slightly Summer' aida fabric and I changed the Kreinik to Treasure Braid which I find much easier to work with.  The rest is as charted.

My next Mirabilia will be Mermaids of the Deep Blue.  I had everything kitted up and ready to start last week, but I wasn't 100% sure of the fabric I'd chosed so I did a floss toss and took a photo for my blog.  The comments left confirmed my thoughts that the fabric was too light so I'm currently waiting for a new piece to arrive so I can start them.

Nice to meet you all officially and I'm looking forward to working with you through my massive pile of Mira's over the next few years :o)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blue Skies....

Another Mira start for me.  I was getting panicky because I only had two Miras in progress ;-)

This time it's The Kiss on apricot Belfast linen.  Unlike most Mira's, they've got an almost full background including this bit of blue sky I worked on this week (and a little hair). 

Not much to see as yet, but off to a good start!

Labeling your projects

Hi fellow Mira addicts!

If I could make a request/suggestion to my fellow posters?    At the bottom of your post when in editing mode, there's an area for labels.   Can we all consider labeling our posts with the name of the design and our name?

Now that we're getting into a fairly "mature" stage of the blog, lots of us have worked on the same projects and it would be nice to be able to click a specific design and see everyone's work on it, or all of one person's work.

For example, if you wanted to see all the "Royal Holidays", you could just click the label, and you'd see all my postings for her, all Kathy's, plus any other work from other people.

You can go back and add labels to previous posts via the edit feature if you'd like.

Just something to consider!

Fairy Idyll - finished...Kinda

I wasn't feeling the whole Fairy Idyll any more but after four months of work I didn't want to throw it away or hide it forever so I did this to it!

There are detailed pics of how I got to this point and pics of the cut up piece before sewing it into this quilt on 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mirabilia RR - Rachel and mine

Here are the last two Mirabilia's for this Round Robin.

I stitched one of the Mermaids of the Deep on Rachel's.

Beatrice stitched  "Lady of the Flag" on mine. Isn't it beautiful. It will be going to the framer's this week.

To those ladies who have sent me emails about a future Mirabila RR - I will be in touch.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Royal Holiday update

Royal Holiday was in rotation this past week, so I got quite a bit done on her.   Your turn, Kathy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

I've been working on Sleeping Beauty's skirt, which has NOT been the easiest area to work on.  There's a lot of space left for the beaded swirls (I bead last) and there's a subtle green/white shading in the area.   I resorted to working on a 10x10 square of pattern at a time, and that moved things along fairly quickly.