Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy 2010

HI Everyone, sorry for being so absent the last few months.....many job changes and now I went from an okay workload to a hugely stressful workload am busy busy busy. As well no time to even load my software on the new computer at work for my no pics to show.

I havent touched Fairy Idyll in some time but now that I am back on and seeing everyone's lovely progress pics and finishes....I really need to get this girl finished this year...hopefully in time to show off at the August Brighton Retreat since I started this piece at her very first retreat.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far...


  1. Hey Marj
    Nice to hear from you again. Now that's a plan = maybe we can both have our Mira's done by the August retreat!!

  2. Hello! Can I join this blogspot? If yes - how? Thanks for answer. :)