Saturday, July 10, 2010

Letter C Happy Dance!

At 730pm PST Friday, I finished Letter C. I am so happy! This is a Sweet Sixteen gift for my niece, Cristina. I hope she likes it!
It was stitched as recommended on 32 count Waterlily belfast with the listed threads. I hardly use recommended fabric with Mirabilias but the Waterlily just seemed to go.

Thanks for looking...


  1. Congratulations Valerie on a beautiful finish. What a lovely gift for your niece.

  2. Oh shes much prettier than I expected! :D

    Congrats on a beautiful finish!

  3. It's just gorgeous! Your niece is gong to love it.

  4. Wow, you did a great jobe, they are all so wonderfull.... i love the Mirabilia 's!!!

    I would like to continue your blog!!!