Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beatrice Mirabilia RR

Here is Beatrice pretty Mirabilia RR all finished. Beatrice visited me here in Arizona and left her RR with me to stitch. I stitched Emerald Mermaid in the last square.

Please note - the white square at the bottom - was stitched by the famous Adriana (Beatrice Mom) at the age of 94. Please let me be like her!!!!!


  1. That is so beautiful!

    I would love to set one of these up for my roommate and I to do (sort of a joint project). Does anyone have any pointers on sizing and setting up the squares?

  2. Beautiful! Love all the different block and the stitching looks great!

  3. Lisa
    The blocks average 50 stitches x 50. It is a manageable stitch in a 6 week time frame.
    You can do any combo of those
    10x90, 20x80, 30x70, 40x60 and 50x50.
    If you look at other posts on this blog you will see other layouts. I
    If you would like more info contact me at

  4. Wow! 94! Hope we'll all be going strong at that age. I love that you've all done different parts of the pictures, not just the faces.

  5. Kathy, it looks wonderful. Beatrice will be so pleased. I hope I can stitch like Adriana when I get to be that age. We miss you in Brighton.

  6. Hello,
    I admire your works. Can anybody helps me where I can find information for participate an RR. Do I need to buy all the patterns, or how is it working?
    Many thanks.

    Mireille from Belgium.

  7. Hi! Can you please tell me what fabric have you used? Its so pretty!!

    1. I can no longer remember the name or dyer. It is a soft blue grey 32 count lugana