Sunday, June 12, 2011

Septembers Sappire Fairy

Two weeks stitching :D

The fabric is a bit washed out, I took the photo early in the moring.

Kathy I still can't post comments :(  I have a "how to" to make the pop out window work in this link.  Wish blogger would fix these things   :D


Andie in NZ


  1. Andie, (and others) if you click on the "select profile" bit under the comment box and choose Name/URL then you can still add comments but you have to handtype your name and blog addy. This option isn't on every blog but luckily it is on this one!
    September is looking great, have I mentioned it's my Birthday month? LOL!

  2. Andie, she looks gorgeous, you've done loads

  3. Your September Fairy is coming along beautifully! I love her bright, vibrant colors against your soft subtle fabric.