Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fairy Flora Completed Plus

I completed Fairy Flora on November 14th, 2011.  This one was started on February 26th of this year and I knew it was going to be about a year long project.  In actual time, I probably stitched on it for a total of 3 or 4 months (because I put it away a few times to work on other projects).  However, I am finding out that I am not a very fast stitcher.  If I stitch on and off all day and evening, I might get 400 - 500 stitches completed.  No matter how hard I try, I just can't get anymore done than that.  I don't know if that sounds like a lot or a little to you.  I know some of you work and get about the same amount of stitching done, so I think I am just slow but with more time to stitch than some. 

Fairy Flora is stitched on 32 count opalescent hand dyed lugana with dmc thread, 2 threads over 2 fabric threads and mill hill beads regular and petite.

The same day I completed Flora, I started Mermaids of the Deep Blue with my own color conversion.  This one is being stitched on 28 count (which is what I now prefer) opalesent lugana from Sunny Dyes fabrics, the color is "Surf."  The link can be found on my sidebar of my blog and the conversion is also on my blog found here.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous TJ. Fairy Flora is on my Mirabilia RR.
    Mermaid is looking sweeettt!

  2. Pode ter demorado ,mas ficou lindo!!!

  3. Fairy Flora looks stunning! She looks so beautiful on the fabric you chose. The mermaid is looking fantastic also. Love your color changes to her. I am feeling like a very slow stitcher compared to others on the blogs out there. 400-500 sts a day is great amount of work. But I guess what counts is the enjoyment you get out of each stitch. :o)