Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mermaid Mirabilia and my Mirabilia RR comes home

This is the last round of my current Mirabilia RR.

I stitched Deepest Love - and this is the RR to date. Gorgeous or what!!!

Oh, and here is my RR back home. I will be stitching Lily of the Woods - the Dreaming Fairy, in the missing spot.

Don't worry - I have a new Mirabilia RR starting in January of 2012 and I am moderating a Mirabilia RR starting in Feb-March of 2012.


  1. Amazing work!!! Very cool! Can't wait for 2012 and see your next Mirabilia project!

  2. The mermaid RR is just gorgeous!!! LOVE IT!! Your Fairy RR is stunning!!! How big are your rectangles? Looks like you got more of the fairies in each block than will be in my piece. I love how you can see the wings in each one and know that they are fairies. Both pieces are just amazing. Can't wait to see yours when you get the Lily of the Woods stitched.

  3. ziet er heel mooi uit, prachtig.

    ik volg je

    Mvg saramsa87

  4. I just love all these stitchings,they are beautiful .

  5. Wow! This is amazing, what a talent!

  6. This is absolutely STUNNING!!!!