Thursday, February 12, 2009

Juls Holly progress

Hello all! It is so exciting to see everyones progress!!!! Thanks again Kathy for starting this blog! I have officially completed the DMC portion and it's on to the beads and kreiniks...Here she is She is so very pretty!!! I have a long neglected Mirabilia WIP that I recently rediscovered is it okay to post that one here as well?? Just thought I'd ask first....


  1. You bet girl! Bring them on! We will encourage you with each and every one. Beads and Kreiniks - sigh - will I ever get there lol

  2. WOW....that is so pretty. And you are in the final stage...I long for the completed DMC part to happen. I cant wait to see her with beads and sparkles.
    and what will be the next Mirabilia WIP that you rediscovered?