Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Juls assorted stitching

Wow...I have been rather visibly absent from here....can't even figure out why......I am stalled on Holly just the beads and specialty threads to complete. Must finish her!

I found a picture of Angel Proclamation from 10 years ago that just needs the beads and why did I stop working on this brother very accidently spilled printer ink on place viable I just figured out so I have no good reason not to finish it! Oh and yes said brother is still alive...he was so sorry! The photo is before I did some of the wording.....just can't find that new picture!!!! I am hopelessly disorganized...there I said it and it's out there!
Next is a new Mirabilia start Miss Valentine's Fairy The fabric is a crystal blue from PTPlus....just not sure of the exact name...but it's pale....will post it soon!
Thanks for looking!!! I may not comment but everyone's stitching is so beautiful and inspiring!!!!!


  1. You always have stunning pieces and these are no exception.

  2. Oh what gorgeous stitching and SO close to a couple of happy dances too! If that was my brother I'd still be making him pay in stash :D

  3. beautiful pieces and get them finished LOl.

  4. Why your blog didn't end up in my blog reader? Good question as your blog is so inspiring with only beautiful stitching to see !!! Now I'm sure to really follow you ;-)

  5. Oh girl - they are all so lovely. You were going great guns on Holly. Maybe posting her will inspire you again. Hey, if you don't want to do the beading on Angel Proclamation send it to me. Beading is my favorite part.