Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crystal Symphony

I'm back working on Crystal Symphony, which I have not really worked on since last August or September. She's my oldest WIP (I started her last May) and also the WIP that is closest to being finished.

I've spent the last couple days filling in all of the white on the dress, which took two whole skeins of white floss to finish up. So while I've made a lot of progress, she doesn't necessarily *look* it since the last picture LOL. I had to frog a chunk of her shoulder, which is done over-1. Ugh. The only thing harder than stitching 32 over 1 is frogging 32 over 1. I also got most of the backstitching on the dress done.

I'm not thrilled with the chandelier on the original picture, so I think I'm going to just omit it, and possibly all of the frame as well. If I do keep the frame, I can just lower it to compensate for the lack of chandelier. I have to decide that today or tomorrow, since all I have to do is the gloves, the Kreinik on the throw, and a small part of the shoulder before I start on the beading (of which there is a TON - 12 packages of Mill Hills!).


  1. How beautiful! I will be watching the progress.

  2. Really very very beautiful ;-)

  3. Wow, that is one beautiful Mira. No wonder she took two skeins of white! Keep up the good work!