Monday, June 15, 2009

Bluebeards Princess update

Hi there everyone :D

Here is my BBP update. She is beautiful and I love her :D

June 16th 09

I have told my unborn (overdue) daughter that I will continue on with BBP until she is born... I'm hopeful that will get her out lol

I also just stitched the Letter A for the above unborn daughter.

Little Miss A for Aliyah

She only took 5 days!




  1. Both pieces are simply magical!

  2. Beautiful pieces. I love the letter A. Will have to check into these.

    I hope your darling little one makes an appearance soon. Poor mom - you must be so uncomfortable.

  3. I love your fabric on both these! It's just too beautiful!

  4. So gorgeous! Both of your pieces are beautiful. Won't the Mirabilia RR be fun!