Monday, July 27, 2009

Stacy's Halloween Fairy

I've been zipping along on this. I only started Halloween Fairy last week. She's been so fun! I'm changing the color of her wings because the two skeins that were provided inthe kit were from two different dye lots. Also I didn't want pink skin so I picked a DMC shade from my stash.
Here's my progress picture!

Also, Is ayone planning on stitching Sunflower Fairy? I scanned a picture from the September 2009 Cross Stitch & Needlework in case anyone is interested in seeing what she looks like. She really appeals to me. I don't quite like the idea of using 3 strand floss when you're stitching with 2 strands. Seems to be a waste of thread... I might anyway though (uses Valdani theads).


  1. Stacy, your halloween fairy is gorgeous. I have that one , just havent started it yet and I love it....mmmmmm maybe have to start one soon.

  2. Lovely work!
    The Valdani thread comes in both 6 strand and 3 strands.

  3. Great progress on the Halloween Fairy. I like the Sunflower one but probably wouldn't invest in the 3 stranded Valdani thread to stitch it. CJ ok;-)

  4. Wow you are zipping along on halloween fairy, she is looking great. I want to stitch the sunflower fairy but I don't know about the those threads. I tried to find a conversion for them

  5. Hi, Stacy, Your Halloween Fairy is really awesome, and so is the picture of the Sunflower! I'm grateful that you posted Sunflower because we haven't gotten the newest mag. here, yet. Now I'm on the lookout! :P
    Hugs, Deb

  6. Your Halloween fairy is coming along nice, Stacy! I'm planning to stitch the Sunflower Fairy. I already have the Copper Penny fabric used in the model and have ordered the Valdani fibers. I was looking at Drema's website today and saw that she has this design put together as a package deal with a few different options. Here's a link:

  7. she is really gorgeous this sunflower's fairy but it's hard in france ti have this magazine pffffffffffffff
    i love her i soon as i saw her
    I finished the stargazer last week
    have a good day