Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stitching Mira RR 2009

So delighted to be stitching with this group on our Mirabilia RR for 2009. This is Jenn of WI's piece. She's requested children and fairies....hence my two fairies. On the lower right is the Petal Fairie's face and headdress and on the upper left is my partial stitch of the Feather Fairy.
Lots of fun!!

I'm ready to start another one for 2010 already!!! What do you think, Missy???

(Sadly, my Mermaid of the Pearls is sitting on the sidelines wondering when I'll get to her face!!)
I need to finish her before Christmas...


  1. This is lovely!

  2. Looking good there girl!!! Isn't this fun!
    Let's get this one rolling good before we think of another lol.

  3. lol 2010. We'll still be stitching this one in 2010! 2011... now then I may be up for another one.

  4. really lovely! thanks for adding a shell for perspective.

  5. I love it Deb! Thanks so much! :)