Monday, August 31, 2009

BBP and Red RoS

Hi again :D

Well Miss 11 weeks is letting me get some stitching time so here are some updates :D


September 1st 09

And Red RoS (which I hadn't worked on in over a year!)

Sept 1st 09

Thanks for looking :D

Andie (stitchitandie)


  1. Oh you are so close to the finish! Sleep through the night baby, Mommy needs her stitching time. :D

    Sharon is looking fabulous in red.

  2. Hi Andie!
    Your works are awesome!
    Can you tell me where you've find the RoS red conversion, I think it's really gorgeous. I'd like to stitch it myself and I was looking for a conversion since yellow isn't really my favourite color!
    Hugs to your lovely miss 11 weeks!

  3. What beautiful work you have done Andie. You are so close to a finish here@
    I love RofS in red!!!!

  4. Thanks everyone :D Valentina, the conversion is on the Mira BB here is a link to it :D