Monday, February 22, 2010

Middy is moving along...

Slowly but surely! I haven't been stitching much lately because I'm moving, but I have managed to work on her a little bit. I've been using Thread Heaven on all the Kreiniks - great stuff, and have made the metallics a lot more pleasant to work with.

I also am kitting up Garden Verses and Christmas Elegance, just in case I don't have enough projects going right now, but don't look for me starting them soon - I need to finish a few projects first!


  1. She is beautiful and coming along very nicely. I use Thread Heaven too and it sure helps with those Kreiniks. You have chosen some lovely new pieces.

  2. Wow these are absolutely gorgeous!!! How do you manage to have soooo many started projects?! I can hardly make it with 2 :P