Saturday, June 12, 2010

Royal Holiday gets some love

 With some prompting from "Her Boudoir" I took out Royal Holiday and gave her some much needed attention.

Here she is before

and after.

Is there ever an end to this dress????


  1. Yay! Nice progress!

    Eventually the dress ends LOL If I find certain areas are boring to work on it, I'll work on it for a day or two then switch over to another area for a few hours, then back again. I find that really helps.

  2. Gorgeous!! I do as above too :D Or a length in one area then a length in another :D I can't wait to see her finished!

  3. Great progress :) I find myself wondering the same thing about my November Topaz Fairy and her blasted wings ;P

  4. Looks great! You've done a great deal of it, keep going.

  5. This will be my next embroidery excuse my English for 2013 is not very good ... but I find your beautiful gorgeous lady!!
    I would soon see your progress ... sure!