Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Kiss...

I got quite a bit done over Memorial Day weekend; not so much last week.  Still, it's a really nice start!

This is a more petite Mirabilia, just over seven inches wide.   Wallspace that isn't in full sun (even though I get UV glass when I frame) is somewhat of an issue, so it's nice to have some smaller pieces.

I'll be working on some non-Mira projects the next two weeks (there will be updates of those on my blog) but then I'll be bringing Sleeping Beauty back out to work on.


  1. You have done loads! It's looking fabulous. Looks a lot larger than 7" though. So much detail in there.

  2. Looking great girl! I have done a huge chunk on Royal Holiday. Will post in a couple of days.
    Lost the power cord to computer. Hope I find soon!