Sunday, October 3, 2010

Do you recognize her??

Here's a start on my second Mirabilia, a very popular lady, guessing anyone??


  1. It might be Royal Holiday Queen, I guess.

  2. Oh my! I do know those colors well....but because Nora uses that color combination in SO many things!

    Yes...Royal Holiday is one....but also Spring Queen, Fairy Idyll, Garden Verses, The Dreamer, Lady Hera, Woodland Fairie, Fairie Treasures, Lady of the Flag, Aida, Rose Celebration, and more.

    However. I think I see an edge of a swirl that's a telltale pattern on Royal Holiday's skirt (which is what I'm stitching as we speak). So yes...Royal Holiday :-)

  3. Yep, Royal Holiday! Just finished her recently.

  4. just stumbled across this blog, as i am about to start my first mirabilia, which is also Royal HOliday, love the fabric too, will check back often to see everybodys progress, well done!

  5. It's impressive, how do you recognise her from such a little section?! I am currently working on Summer Queen and Just finished Spring Queen and Poppy Pixie. I wish to add my progress here but I can't find a way. I do have my own blog however, here is the link:

    Can't wait to see your Royal Holiday finished, she is such a romantic queen :)