Tuesday, August 23, 2011

September sapphire fairy, the wings

I finally stitch the wings of the september sapphire fairy.

I don't like much these wings which look as if they were not finished. I ask me if I change it. What do you think? Pereaps a little bigger near the arm.


  1. Yes i had the same inpression. Ichecked 2 times your information that the wings are terminated but i also had the feeling they weren't. If you can adapt them then I would adapt them.

  2. I didn't catch what you meant by the wings at first, but then I see your dilema. I would definitely continue stitching them so that they are attached to her body. She looks gorgeous, though!

  3. http://mirabiliastitchers.yuku.com/topic/6047/September-Sapphire-Fairy-HD

    If you look at this finished one, you can see the stitcher has added to the wings and they look really good!
    She's on my wishlist as I'm a September baby!