Saturday, May 29, 2010

Labeling your projects

Hi fellow Mira addicts!

If I could make a request/suggestion to my fellow posters?    At the bottom of your post when in editing mode, there's an area for labels.   Can we all consider labeling our posts with the name of the design and our name?

Now that we're getting into a fairly "mature" stage of the blog, lots of us have worked on the same projects and it would be nice to be able to click a specific design and see everyone's work on it, or all of one person's work.

For example, if you wanted to see all the "Royal Holidays", you could just click the label, and you'd see all my postings for her, all Kathy's, plus any other work from other people.

You can go back and add labels to previous posts via the edit feature if you'd like.

Just something to consider!


  1. Sounds like an option! Now, I just have to remember to do that and no - I haven't touched my Royal Holiday. Its on the list though LOL

  2. When the post is open in edit, there's a bar underneath the post that says "Labels"....just type in your labels! If the labels have been used before, it will also auto-suggest for you.

  3. FYI people can go back in and edit their own old posts to add labels. I think only the blog owner can edit posts other than their own (but labels could also be added that way). Just a thought.

  4. That sounds like a reat idea. A really easy way to make searching for a specific project simple.