Thursday, August 12, 2010

Changes to Blog

Hello Everyone. I have a couple of things to share with you.
You may notice that we are starting to get a lot of spam and malware comments. I really don't want to close down this blog and so I have had to make a few changes.
To keep the spammers out, I have had to turn on the comment moderation. Because, I travel quite a bit I cannot be on the net all the time. Therefore, I have asked Sue of Her Boudoir to join me as a moderator on this blog. I am waiting for her reply but suspect that she would enjoy moderating with me. She is an avid Mirabilia fan and I think she has the most charts and starts of us all.

I hope this does not discourage you from posting to this blog.

Many of you have not posted in some time. Would you take a minute please and show us what you are up to.

I have a couple of things to post that I am excited about and will do that shortly.


  1. Thanks, Kathy!

    If you notice the number of comments going down on some of the posts, I am going to go through and get rid of some of the spam comments on older posts. I will probably not get to all of them but I'll at least clean up the newer posts.

    Definition of a spam comment: one that generally shows up as a bunch of characters rather than letters and links you to an adult site.

  2. Thanks to you and Sue for moderating! I haven't started a new Mira since finishing my C but plan on having a Mira year in 2011. Just too many to do! lol

  3. I also haven't started a new Mirabilia since finishing my Easter Fairy. I needed a change of pace and switched to smalls for awhile. I hope to get to another Mira in 2011 after I've retired. I love checking in though and seeing others' progress.

  4. Thanks to you both :D I love this blog! At present I am slogging away on CDC and can't wait to finish so I can get to my million Mira wips :D When I do I will surely be posting again!

  5. Awesome work ladies, I am still working on my Garden Fairy, little bits at a time.

  6. I'm starting Sabrina in March 2011. Will I be able to join in to upload photos?

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  8. Dear Melva - please contact me at and I will send you an invitation to join this blog.