Friday, August 27, 2010

Nearly there!

The end is finally in sight for Sleeping Beauty...yay!

I think I should be able to finish up all of the stitching in about two weeks, and then get the beading done (of which there is a lot, although it's fairly straight forward).

It's always exciting when a finish is near...whew!  


  1. Wow, girl - your needles have been smoking! I'm almost there too. Just her hair and crown before a good bath and beading. You just might beat me though. I'm trying to pack to move and stitch and have visitors at the same time LOL.

  2. LOL Are you out of your mind, having visitors when trying to move??

    Alas, Royal will wait whereas movers will not...doesn't it suck when life takes priorities over fun?

  3. Shes beautiful! Yeah I'm sorry to have to say Kathy I think your a bit nuts! How long til you move?

  4. So beautiful. I stitched this a few years ago, as a gift to my MIL. She loves it.

  5. Hi, I know this fairy she is magnificent, your embroidery are magnificent!
    Best regards marylin

  6. cant wait to see her in her finished glory!