Monday, April 20, 2009

Finally, a post!

You probably thought I'd dropped off the face of the earth but really I've been here all along. I haven't had a lot of time lately for commenting or stitching for that matter but I have been enjoying everyone's progress. As for me, I finally sat down with my Easter Fairy and managed to complete all but the beading of which I've got about a third done. I've had the hardest time stitching this piece. I lost interest somewhere along the way and found it so difficult to pick her up again. My tastes in stitching seem to be changing rapidly, either that or I'm having way too many mood swings, lol! In any case here she is. Just the beading for her fairy dust remains. Wish me luck!


  1. lynn...she is so pretty! love the colours

  2. Good for you girl!!! She is so lovely and you are almost done!!!! We will all Happy Dance with you when you are done.

  3. she is so pretty. can't wait to see it finish.