Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why I'm Never Bored

I always have tons of works in progress!

I'm back working on Summer Queen. She finally has a face, although lots more white to fill in. I'm focusing on her now until she's done - probably a couple of weeks since it's also the end of the semseter at school.

I made headways into Midsummer Night's Fairy as well. She's been put aside for the time being though, while I finish up Summer Queen, and probably need to spend a little time working on some of the other WIPs I have going (there are three WIPs that are not Mirabilias, believe it or not).

And finally, here's what I've completed thus far on Crystal Symphony. I'll admit - I have not worked on her in several months, and probably won't be working on her in the immediate future. I would like to get her finished in 2010.


  1. All of your wips are gorgeous! I will watch your progress.

  2. Wow, they are all so beautiful. I dont know which one I like best - OK all of them!!!!

  3. wow all of them are beautiful!! great work