Saturday, April 4, 2009

New member

Hi everyone! My name is Missy Ann (Melissa) and I think most of you I've seen around the web so I imagine most of you know you me. Thank you to Kathy for letting me join. I'll try not to make you regret it. lol

Right now the only Mirabilia (I tend to only have 1 Mira at a time going) I'm working on is Bluebeard's Princess: (and why does Blogger always put my pictures where I don't put them?!) I'm stitching her on a Silkweaver 28ct. Linen Solo with threads & beads as charted. Except where the conch shell is supposed to be. I have an idea for what I want her to hold and it's a secret until I make it work.

I have more pictures of her in my photo albums And scattered though all the years you can see other Mirabilias I have stitched.


  1. Very beautiful! I look forward to seeing her as she progresses.

  2. HI Melissa, she is so pretty. what colour is that fabric?