Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beartice, has progress to show!

Here is the progress of this weekend past. The colours are quite pretty I think!

Now a little about myself.
Hmmmm. I was born in the Netherlands in 1948. My parents and my 2 brothers and I came across the pond in 1952, We moved to a very small village called Batawa in Ontario. The main factory was a shoe plant called Bata Shoe. Well known around the world at the time.
My Dad worked for them for over 40 years. My first job was there as well. Yikes too dirty and stinky for me.
As a young girl I lived in the Middle East as well while my Dad set up a plant in Baghdad.Yup I lived there for a short time then Moved back to Holland until I was 15. [2 years]
Back to Canada [Batawa] and I won't bore you with my teen years. I did start to work at 16[Hairdresser]
Through the years there were many changes and one was that I met Kathy. We both worked at the same place and became fast friends.
That was 30 years ago. hmmmm. Boy did we have some fun together! Mind you we still do just a bit slower!
I only started to stitch in 2005. My Mom stitched for years and I wasn't ready. Once I started there is no holding me back.
I love the fact that I can blog and meet so many people with the same interests. This is so much fun.
I moved back to this part of the country in 1988 after beening married and divorced. Now I am Married to a man that I met Golfing and Have been with him for 11 years. We are both retired and I enjoy singing in 2 chiors.
This probably sounds a bit choppy but I just don't want to write a book.
Let it be known that there was a lot of interesting things in between and one of them was that I lived in Germany as well as Florida,...See I could just go on.

Farewell for now and Stitch with happy fingers!


  1. Your Mira is coming along nicely, it's white christmas right? I love that one. I am glad that you found a good husband the second time around like I did. Wow, you have traveled a lot! But I remembered that much from earlier posts. Hugs.

  2. Great work Beatrice! love the colours