Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here's my Photo

Here she is again.
I seem to have done a bit more than I thought. I did have to frog a bit because I was out by one stitch . I didn't realize it until the neck was done. Oh well I'm almost back to where I was! [about to where the needle is]
Have a good week & Stitch with happy fingers.


  1. I *hate* when the frogs pay a visit. Looks like you managed some nice progress anyway. :)

  2. Nice work there girl. I think I should have started with her face. You can actually see something lol

  3. Nice work Beatrice, sorry to hear you had to frog. I stayed home yesterday with the lovely snowstorm and "worked from home" but I did manage some stitching on FIdyll. I will do a photo update on monday