Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I remember

Why did this become a UFO? Now I remember, grrrrr, it was stitching those darn wings with that PITA (pain in the .....) Kreneik floss! I persevered and managed to get one wing complete and then moved on to her hair to give me a break. Not sure if I like the colour blends in her hair. I'm using the required Crescent Colours floss. Oh well, I'm not about to change it now. On to the next wing this evening.


  1. Well i think she looks great Lynn! Yes my Feather Fairy has a lot of Kreneik in the wings...ive been looking forward to all the sparkle but then it has been ages since ive used Kreneik in anything so maybe i'll change my mind about that LOL
    Perservere, it'll be worth it in the end!!

  2. But she is so beautiful with her sparkly wings. Have you tried using Thread Heaven with the Kreiniks Lynn. I find it helps to control the threads a little better.